Technology in the 21st century

Millennialls are tech natives; we are the first generation to grow up with a computer in our home. As a result we are more accustomed to technology being intertwined in our life. I think its phenomenal we have the ability to speak to family members on the other side of the globe as easily as one could have a conversation with their next door neighbor and believe that future technological break troughs will continue to advance and improve our species.

Companies like Google and Facebook are already on a mission to create augmented reality with products like Google glass and Oculus. Facebook recently demonstrated new gaming technology that allows you to interact with objects around you. For example a common coffee mug will turn into a turret in augmented reality protecting you from tiny virtual alien invaders! All you will have to do is look through your phone or some other wearable technology, like a contact lens or pair of glasses to see it.

On the more extreme side of the spectrum lies implantable technology. Tiny devices that are implanted surgically inside of you that collect real time health data. These tiny technologies will also be able to store vital information about a person. Information like a passport, a credit card and even a boarding pass for your next flight. Wallets will no longer be necessary. You simply wave your hand at a reader and you are all set. You wont have to wait in line to pay for your groceries or hand over your plane ticket. You just walk right on through.

These technologies also have revolutionary militaristic implications Field medics will be able to acquire all the medical info they need instantly from wounded warriors, information like a person’s blood type and their prior health history, improving their chance of survival. Augmented reality will allow soldiers to see which personnel are the “good” guys and the “bad” guys with indicators that can bypass concrete structures. This tech will also allow soldiers to know where the rest of their squadrons are and allow commanders to have real time data on individual soldiers locations and health status’.

All of this technology will continue to change and enhance our lives in ways we are not fully able to comprehend as of yet. The biggest threat will ultimately be the security of all this information. Industry will need to find ways to keep everyone secure from ill intentioned hackers. I for one believe technology is the main force pushing humanity forward am incredibly excited to see what the future holds.